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What Ryzen CPU do you really Need when it comes to Gaming and how that relates to Mid-Range GPU’s?

Ryzen CPU

You may be curious about how the Ryzen CPU could impact in gaming? And I think when it comes to gaming there’s a ton of misunderstanding and misinformation that goes around.

So, lets discuss a few things when it comes to your gaming CPU and how that relates to more mid-range GPU’s.

One misconception a lot of people are having is a CPU importance in gaming performance. So, here’s the thing, at a very basic level computers are network of components made to perform tasks.

You probably already know that but because computers are made of multiple components, used to do different tasks. At some point, there’s always a bottleneck, especially as you add more variables with more complex architectures etc.

Simply put different tasks and even similar tasks with slight variations require different amounts of resources from different components to run at certain levels of performance.

Gaming in the vast majority of circumstances is very heavily GPU bound. Don’t get me wrong, there are plenty of resources that are better off the CPU and are distributed accordingly but most of the heavy lifting is done by a Graphics Card.

It’s this explanation as to why benchmarks are done with maxed up specs and all areas. Other than the component being focused on the benchmark of course.

For Example Most all Ryzen benchmarks and Intel, of course, show the CPU running against the 1080 or 1080 Ti.

Now with the explanation, it’s understandable why but this makes it a little confusing the users only importance of certain components over others. This brings me to specifically gaming with the Ryzen.

The simple fact is that gaming is so heavily dependent on your GPU, that in the vast majority of cases a mid-range GPU will be the bottleneck long before your CPU and the lower the GPU’s power the less the CPU matters.

What’s the point of all this?

Ultimately when it comes to strictly gaming, CPU simply isn’t as important as your GPU. Unless you have the highest-end GPU or of course a much less demanding game which at that point your FPS is probably so high, it won’t matter then either.

It really just doesn’t make a huge difference.

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