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LG G3 against LG G4; Is G4 worth the buying?


From what I have seen, not much has changed in design. From a little distance they both look pretty similar, both has the same screen size, both have the power and volume button mounted on the back of the smartphone. But when you get a closer look, you’ll start to realize that there are key differences between the two.

The LG G4 is a little bigger than the LG G3 in size. The bezels are a little bigger as well. LG G3 was a 2560x1440p IPS LCD panel on the other side LG G4 has a quad panel of the same size but they put their quantum pixel technology that they release in their TV’s. This adds an extra color filter above the back light. Which should prove to produce more accurate colors across the whole spectrum.

Moving towards the hardware section; LG G3 came with the 2.5 gigahertz Quad-core Snapdragon 801 chip, 3 gigabytes of RAM. On the other side the LG G4 comes with the 6 Cores Snapdragon 808 chip with the 3 gigabytes of RAM and the adrenal 418 GPU.

The two chips inside the 6 core processor are very powerful but it’s quit all that LG did not use the Octa-core chip found on the HTC M9. Now about the G4 camera caparison to the G3; what G3 offered was a 13 mega-pixel camera, which has an optical image stabilization as well that moved in 4 directions and can make a video in 4K UHD and can take nice pictures and also had a laser beam for auto focusing. The LG G4 has on the other hand has a 16 mega pixels camera, for wider aperture lens f1.8 and has the ability to record 4k UHD video and shoots phenomenal pictures. Additionally for larger aperture low-light photography has been fundamentally increased. Laser auto focus has likewise been enhanced and got speedier than the G3 camera.

Comparing these two LG smartphones, LG G4 looks like to have pretty much good upgrades than the LG G3. So, get rid of your G3 if you have one and buy yourself a G4.


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