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What is Snapchat? How to use one of the most popular growing apps of these days?

Though most of you may know Snapchat since 2 or 3 years maximum or some people came to know about just a year ago or so when the doggy face filter got famous. If you still don’t know what Snapchat is all about and how to use it, here’s everything you need to know about it.

What is Snapchat Basically?

To define Snapchat in the simplest words, it is basically one of the most popular messaging apps that you can use to send pictures in the most casual way. Due to its utmost popularity, you’ll definitely find a hell lot of people on this platform and solid chances are that a big chunk of your friends is on Snapchat already.

Why is Snapchat So Famous?

There are many answers to this question but in my personal opinion, the filters do the most amazing job. From changing your voice pitch to making a caricature out of your face, all the filters are fun to try. Other than that, the app is basically for those who are always digging in. For instance, wherever you find a happening thing like a concert, a drama or even a fight, you can make a little video of it and Snap it! The best part of this app is that the pictures and videos that you upload are just there for a limited time.

The Unique UI

Unlike other apps which have loads of options on their home screen, Snapchat welcomes you in a unique way when you open it. The first thing that you get to see after your app is loaded, is your front camera screen. With just 4-5 options on the main screen, Snapchat will not confuse you at all. To start Snapping, tap the white camera option and if you want to record through the back camera, there’s a button for it on the top.I


If you want to try out the funniest filters that Snapchat has to offer, you can long press any empty place on the camera screen that is opened up in front of you. The filters are purely based on Augmented Reality and you can view different filters in the real time.


Aside from the filters, you can have different add-ons like drawings, text, or stickers. Moreover, there is a scissor icon on your screen that lets you cut out the unwanted stuff from your photo. The timer allows you to set the time limit for which you need to show those pictures to someone.

Other Features

There are so many other features that you can try out in Snapchat including Stories, Memories, Messages, Navigation, Profile etc. To check all of them, install the app and try each and everyone out.

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