Asus has just launched the Transformer 3 Pro which is hot due to the comparison with Microsoft surface 4. Why? Well, we can say for starters, the Transformer 3 Pro looks identical to Microsoft’s high-end hybrid.

Mostly 2-in-1s that copy the looks from Microsoft’s design always seem to fall to defeat but in the case of the Transformer 3 Pro, it gets a great success and become a serious rival to the Surface Pro 4.

Asus Transformer 3 Pro 1 Which is Better   Asus Transformer 3 Pro Or Surface 4
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The Transformer 3 Pro have same robustness as the Surface Pro 4 and feels great to boot. This is the fact that Transformer 3 Pro comes with an attached keyboard as standard. And it has the compatibility to get used if we combine it with the GTX 1080-powered ROG XG Station 2, this feature of Transformer 3 Pro makes a very interesting offer from Asus.

Of course, it is the fact that tablet from Microsoft has always been the best Windows 10 tablet for a long time. You can buy it and get to work with the responsive Surface Pen. An untouched version of windows always gives an advantage to it. With these features, it works very well in both whether it is tablet and laptop form.

For giving our statement that which device is better we should have to wait till we used both of them. But for now, we are amazed that Asus device is giving very tough time to Microsoft and Asus has managed to come at the level of Microsoft latest offering for hybrid tablets. With all these capabilities most important fact is about the cost of Transformer 3 Pro which is significantly less than the Surface Pro 4 cost. this is the main thing to consider while comparing both devices.

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asus transformer 3 Which is Better   Asus Transformer 3 Pro Or Surface 4
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Asus’s Transformer 3 Pro has proved to all users to be the most worthy device and what we suggest that it gives tough competition to the Microsoft Surface 4. Its processor is a Core i5 processor and it cost price of Rs 1,10,990, on the other hand, the Core i7 cost is Rs 1,44,990. In comparison, the Surface Pro 4 having processor Core i7, 8GB RAM, and 25GB SSD cost RS 1,44,990 making the Asus product a reasonable offer at the same price.