Printing your urgent documents using any iOS devices is very much possible now; even printing wirelessly. All you need is an ‘AirPrint’ printing machine but what makes it all the more exciting is the fact; owning an ‘AirPrint-compatible’ printer is NOT a requirement. Sounds cool?

Apple AirPrint tcm13 1109305 What Is AirPrint Technology And How It Helps Printing Wirelessly On iPhones Or iPads?


It is true that majority of people foresee a ‘dark future’ for the old-fashioned home or office printers, owing to the fact that things have got faster enough and most of the time we send and receive important documents online. Capturing ‘memorable moments’ and sending such images and short clips or longer videos takes us mere seconds, using our smartphones and other smart devices.

However, there are still countless people, who realize and acknowledge the importance of the so called a ‘dead-tree’ format i.e. home or office based printers. And they’re very right since the latest concept ensures printers will still not be ‘extinct’ from our society; thanks to technology; that literally has no limits.

For iOS device users printing their things, wirelessly, isn’t a dream anymore; even if they’re on the move or away from their desktop PC due to any reason.  Whenever they realize something important needs to be printed right away they can do it by setting up their iPhones, iPads or iPods with a latest native feature they call it an AirPrint.

First one should know that AirPrint is a technology, introduced by Apple for printing a document from Mac, iPod, iPad or iPohone; without any additional software installed. The printer, however, must be associated with the network shared by both the iOS device(s) and Mac.

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To set up any printer, it is not necessary for the device to be AirPrint-compatible because both ways the users will be able to benefit from AirPrint feature. The setup is a pretty simple one and the same is available at the Apple’s support page whereby, the users can see whether their respective device is listed among the compatible ones. As all apps do not support AirPrint, O’Print and HandyPrint are the two downloadable iDevice programs that enable iPhones or iPads to print through a direct access, respectively for Mac and Window users.

Next requirement is to simply connect the iOS device and printer to the Wi-Fi network shared by both the devices; to start printing wirelessly.