You might have heard about RAM and ROM multiple times in advertisements, especially in those of smartphones these days. To state the both in the most basic way, both of them are actually memories of your device where RAM acts as the primary memory while the ROM is the permanent or secondary memory. If you already know about the RAM but are confused with ROM, it is pretty much the same as Hard Disk of a computer.


ramandroid 09 1468048415 Differences between RAM and ROM? What do they stand for and how do they work?
RAM is actually the abbreviation of Random Access Memory and it is the temporary or primary allocation for your data. It is usually smaller in capacity ranging generally from 512MB to 4 or even 8 GB in some of the smartphones of the current era. With the advancements in smartphone technology, each day we hear an increase in the RAM of upcoming smartphones.
To go a bit deeper, RAM actually stores the ongoing processes in it while striking back with the immediate actions needed. Bigger the RAM size, faster the processing will be as it assists the CPU in taking over the speed challenges. The OS loads each and every program in RAM and it responds with the necessary replies to keep the things going.
As RAM is a temporary memory so if you turn off your device or kill a certain program, all of the data stored in it will vanish away. Each time your phone restarts, the system loads the RAM.


ram and rom Differences between RAM and ROM? What do they stand for and how do they work?

ROM is the abbreviation of Read-only Memory and it is the secondary and permanent storage of your device. It contains all the data that you have permanently stored in your device and is not fragile enough to disappear without deleting. As the ROM stores the data in a permanent way, erasing the data is difficult, time taking and some tomes it requires permissions from the administrator. Some ROMs such as EPROM or Flash EEPROM can jerk off the data easily but still, it doesn’t change the “read-only” status of ROMs.

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20160615014182713ul0jyo Differences between RAM and ROM? What do they stand for and how do they work?
Though the data transfer speed among ROMs is a bit slower than that of RAM, the modern day ROMs are much faster than they used to be in the past. You may have heard in the advertisements that the ROM of a particular phone is 32 GB etc. This is actually the internal storage where you can save your important data such as files, photos, videos, and audios etc.