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Waze New Update Now Allows User to Record Their Own Audio For Turn-By-Turn Navigation


Waze, a popular navigation app form recent months allowed its users to experiment with many voices like celebrities etc. But what you would like to say if you heard your own voice diminishing the voice the voice of the celebrity, may be quit dreadful as no one wants to hear own voice in such case but what about your loved one, your wife or kid etc.

Anyway, today the app has been updated and now its allow you to record your own turn- by- turn voice so you can now make Waze  to talk in your own terrible voice, whatever. This app was updated for Android only, as what i concern, Lets take a look that how to do it.

If you haven’t install it yet you can get it from Google Play Store or click hereAfter installation open the app’s setting menu, after that tap on “Sound and Voice” it will get you to a list mention many templates like ‘turn left’ or turn right’ etc. You will also find a custom choice option in which you can record your own or allow a loved one to record the phrase.1 of 3  

But make sure to supervise while your love one is recording something because it might be possible that they prank you to follow a wrong direction, for example the person who you allowed to record may say “turn left” at the place where you have to “turn right” in direction, so be aware of that.

Its celebrity voice feature was to get interest of users but the new update is going to create more fun and may be roll and rock, as what i think. You can also share your ideas about this in the comment box below, I will appreciate and make sure to response soon.


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