Gmail users are being targeted by a new Phishing scam and has fooled many of the people including the experts in technology in giving up their Google credentials. The newly acquired Gmail credentials are being logged in by the hackers scouring through the sent messages and passing it to a bugged email onto another unsuspecting users. Not only gmail but other services are being targeted as well. The scam was explained by the CEO Wordfence “Mark Maunder” which is the security service for wordpress.

The Attack known as Phishing, how does it works!

People easily fall for the trap as the spiteful email comes from the account of a known person who is already in your account or his/her account is being compromised. The email contains an image attachment in the disguise of a PDF file. When the attachment is being clicked for a preview, it opens up a new tab in asking for re-login to your Gmail account which is the part where most of the users get tricked. The new tab shows “” from which the users get deceived and get into the trap In all actuality, tapping the connection stacks a site page brimming with codes into the program’s address bar.

gmailpromo Watch Out For Hackers as They are Using Phishing Scam to Trick Users To Give Up Google Credentials; Gmail Usersvia:

Once the sign-in has been done, the record of the client has been bargained. “The aggressors sign into your record promptly once they get the accreditation, and they utilize one of your genuine connections, alongside one of your real headlines, and send it to individuals in your contact list,” shared somebody who encountered the trick.

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Once the programmer accesses a client’s record, every one of the messages and archives sent and got by the client fall under the control of the fraudster, who utilizes the new contacts to spread the malware. Once the clients loses the sole specialist from his or her Gmail account, it is likely he or she will be banned access to whatever other administrations connected with the Gmail account username and secret key. The procedure happens too quick for anybody to take note.

Gmail hacked Watch Out For Hackers as They are Using Phishing Scam to Trick Users To Give Up Google Credentials; Gmail Usersvia:

From the Phishing Attack, How to protect the Gmail account.

Identifying the bug lies is the main trick where careful scrutinization of the address bar is needed as the bug hides in plain sight and doesn’t get detected as mos users think that the web page is Google`s protected login page after seeing the address bar “”. The hackers use a phishing method known as URI or data uniform resource identifier. The URI method is used to attach a data file in the location bar in front of “”. The data file “data:text/html” is attached in front of the host name, which opens up the fake login page.

Not falling for the trap and protecting the account, a user should make sure that there is nothing in front of the host file and it should verify the hostname and protocol, while going through that, also enabling the two-step authentication available for Gmail can stop the attack in taking place as the hacker would need.