airpods main Watch the first ever Airpods Tv commercial; Apple flaunts its new Wireless Earbuds

As we all know that in iPhone 7 Apple removed the headphone jack from the phone in order to introduce AirPods. And Airpods have been available from the last part of 2016. But for the marketing of Airpods the Cupertino-base company came up with the first official Airpod ad.

The video of the ad is very interesting, they show the life of ordinary day life of pedestrian, start dancing when he popped out his AirPods and he started moving forward and started dancing with the with tune of Marian Hill’s “Down”. In the video the man is seen walking on the wall, a door of a car. They want to present the AirPod like a magic which turns you on and lets you forget about any thing and you just enjoy the music.

The basic theme of the ads was to tell to customers about the independency from wired headphones, you can move freely while listening your favorite songs.

AirPod Features

AirPod is easy to use, It automatically turns on when they sense your ears and stops working when you take it off. You can use AirPod with iPhone, Apple Watch,iPad.

The battery life of the AirPod is so good you can listen songs upto 5 hours continuously. They are easily rechargeable just by put it back in the case of the AirPod back and it will be recharged again. You can also check the battery of you AirPod, hold your AirPod with your iPhone or you can also ask siri to tell you about you AirPods charge.

NOTE: Because of the small size AirPods can easily be stolen or lost. Apple also received some complaints about battery.

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