Kyocera ie new Japanese firm, the first firm to introduce a washable smartphone. The company named it as “Rafre”, this is water resistant and soap resistant and foam resistant phone. Kyocera is reliable, durable and heavy duty phone, it remains unharmed even in the bubble bath.

1202 bvjd01 Kyocera introduces washable phone Rafre a rough and tough outside partner in hard weather

The company introduced first washable mobile in 2015, DINGNO rafre and the second edition, expected to reveal in MWC in 2017. Kyocera says “In addition to the next version includes resistance against foaming hand soap, resistance to foaming body soap.”

Kyocera Rafre Washable Smartphone:

The new refer is not only a washable phone it also has foaming and soap resistance. The phone is still functional even in hot water. The most pronounce feature is that the phone remain fully functional underwater or with the wet hand. The phone has been tested with old fashion bath, known as bubble bath with hot water. The test was successful, nothing affected the performance. The other additional feature is a preloaded cooking app which allows the user to operate the phone with touch and with the gesture of hands.

Kyocera Rafre Kyocera introduces washable phone Rafre a rough and tough outside partner in hard weather

Kyocera Rafre Specs:

When it comes to the feature of Kyocera rafre the main attraction is that it is washable.

  •  5-inch HD display (720p),
  • 2 GB of RAM,
  • 16 GB of expandable storage (up to 200 GB via microSD).
  • The company has not specified processor but expected to come with mid-range processor
  • 13-megapixel rear camera image-processing AINNOS Engine for quality photos in low-light conditions, autofocus
  • 5-megapixel camera for selfies and video chats
  • 3,000 mAh battery
  • 7.0 Nougat rules the software side.
Seems like the Touch ID security feature will be no more since Apple is leaning towards facial recognition

Kyocera Rafre Features

The company has equipped the phone with useful software features, like Smart Sonic Receiver, a weather forecast alarm clock and a Blue Light Cut app.

The Smart Sonic receiver guarantees quality sound even in a noisy environment by transmitting sound on eardrum via smartphone display on the screen other than speaker hole.

The weather forecast alarm clock, it gives the quick update of weather to the user. When there is an update the alarm starts snoozing to give a notice. It gives you the option to set the alarm at the morning time to be updated timely.

kyocerarafrecooking 1 Kyocera introduces washable phone Rafre a rough and tough outside partner in hard weather

The Blue Light Cut app is designed to make the phone’s display easier on the eyes. It reduces eye fatigue for long time usage. Kyocera offers additional feature seems similar to Apple’s Night Shift mode.

The Kyocera rafre KDDI in Japan comes in three colors Coral Pink, Marine Navy, and Cashmere White. The phone is finding it’s way to the United States. The phone is offered pro launch on Sprint, AT&T and Verizon. The phone is expected will score a  good market position because of it’s  rough and tough use a hardcore phone.