Aren’t all those dance-off videos on the internet cool enough to give you goosebumps? Well, have you ever wondered how it would feel like to see all the characters of Super Smash Bros. Ultimate participating in a dance off? A creative genius has been hit by the same idea and has produced a combination of the Fortnite default dance.

The Ultimate Line-Up

Ishmael205, is the animator behind this project who has brought to reality, all of the Super Smash Bros. Ultimate characters performing the default Fortnite dance.

A fair warning to those who love the characters, is that the video might be a bit disturbing for you.

Ishmael205 has done a fantastic job with injecting majority of the characters into the dance routine, keeping the proportion of most of the characters but some copping a worser job than others (Lucas). The developer has promised his fans that if the video reaches a certain amount of views he will release each of the individual character dances with transparent backgrounds, allowing for future developers or other comedic geniuses to express their creativity.

Game’s Arrival

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate is yet to be released for Nintendo Switch and the date decided for it is December 7th.

Your favourite Fortnite turns into Fortnite Monopoly!