With the Bitcoin fad taking over the world, a steam game has started a hubbub among the gamers. A new game by the name of MonteCrypto: The Bitcoin Enigma offers an entry price of just $1.99 and if you are able to solve the solve the 24 puzzles in the game, you’ll be awarded 1 whole Bitcoin.

%name MonteCrypto: The Bitcoin Enigma   Win 1 whole Bitcoin by solving these puzzle games

Gem Rose Collective

Gem Rose Collective is the company behind the production which is playing a very secretive role right now. The game has already launched on February 20, with a bunch of puzzles set in a maze. Whoever solves the puzzles, will be awarded 1 Bitcoin at the time of winning, whatever the value of the coin is at that time (currently, it is $10837.68). Gem Rose Collective came up with a recent press release, stating

We are trying to keep our identities secret for now. But we can say we are a group of game developers and that we had a crazy idea for a game. As huge fans of treasure hunts we took inspiration from riddles like la chorette d’or (the golden owl), a statue of the owl was buried in 1993 at the same time a series of clues was published, and still nobody has solved the clues to find the owl and claim the 15kg (33lb) statue made of gold and silver.

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