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Want To Hear Music Through Apple Airpods On Android; Piece Of Cake, Just Do It With Few Taps

Hear Music Through Apple Airpods On Android

 seemed to hate wired connections very long ago. An outstanding example of that its previous year launch of iPhone 7 iPhone 7 Plus with no audio jack installed to make it completely a real time wireless cell phone. Which, however, received a lot of negative reactions from a number of customers as the Airpods were almost quarter of an iPhone7 32 GB price.

Well Apple always comes up with such innovations, which eventually make them the Appleof people eyes. But what if someone own an Android powered smartphone but still wishes to use these Airpods on their devices, than what? Don’t worry it is really piece of cake, with some tip tap tipping on your Android device and your are good to go with Apple’s Earpods on your Android.

You just have to do the following 3 magical steps on your Android:

  • Pull out the Earpods out of their case through opening the lid, before pulling Airpods out, press the pairing button which is on the back of Airpods case and hold till the light on the case goes white.
  • Go to your Android’s Bluetooth setting, turn it on, search for devices, you will find Airpods in the devices nearby.
  • Tap on the earpiece device shown on the Android and say yes to any prompt that pops up.


Now you could really go wild on the Apple’s Airpods through Android, hang out with friends putting those earpieces in your ears without owning a fancy & expensive but yet no doubt classy iPhone, and make everybody believe that your an Apple lover ( Don’t worry Your Secret is Safe with Us ).

You could easily amend the functions in such a way that the Apple Earpods could be connected and used with the Android devices. For the case, if you are also owning any Earpods and have the Android device with you then must try this method.

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via: pinterest.com

Now everyone will believe true magic do really exists, as you will be Horsemen like Now You See Me
Bonus: Launch Video of Apple’s Airpods


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