It’s been a while since AMD announced its flagship Vega graphics cards and now everyone is waiting like hell to get their hands on the custom versions. The popular opinion stays in its place that you might not get one before the mid of October. Even if you remember the ASUS’ announcement of its custom cards, it said early-September availability. The reviews that you’ve been watching on different forums are from the pre-production samples that testers got.

ASUS STRIX Vega 1000x750 No AMD Radeon RX Vega custom graphics cards coming out until mid October!

Half Glass is Filled

If you are an optimist minded gamer, you can see the half filled glass. The partners are going to roll out their versions of the custom graphics cards one by one starting from the month of October. Even this delay is justified because naturally, it takes weeks and sometimes months to prepare the custom cards once the original version gets out!

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