The wait is over Nokia finally shared a teaser of Nokia 6 to public and announced the launch of the phone. Nokia was one of the leading brand in cellphone untill iPhone changed the trend from cellphone to smartphones.

But now Nokia is coming back to market with new standards and ever one was waiting for Nokia’s new smart phone and Nokia is coming back with its first android phone Nokia 6.


nokia hmd The wait is over, Nokia finally released the teaser of NOKIA 6, release date of the phone will be February 26

Design of Nokia 6

It is said that it is of the listening of consumers who desired a beautifully crafted handset with entertainment, display features and exceptional durability features as stated, HMD Global’s CEO. An all aluminum design is featured in Nokia 6, HMD Global says that the phone goes through an enamel process that takes over 10 hours, with the “highest level of structural and visual quality resulting in an aluminium unibody”

nokia6 The wait is over, Nokia finally released the teaser of NOKIA 6, release date of the phone will be February 26

Specifications for Nokia 6
Nokia 6 is one of the first smartphones made by HMD to ever be launched with android, the latest version be confirmed to shipped with Nougat unlike the previous version which was powered by Lumia Smartphones, Nokia 6 can readily tap into the ecosystem offered by Android which then translates to a platform filled to the peak of the apps. Looking at the specifications it is obvious that the smartphone is self possessed to being a mid range offering, there is a 5.5-inch screen with 1080p, layered with 2.5D Gorilla Glass protection.
There is a 16-megapixel camera on the back of the device and on the front there is an 8 megapixel camera. The phone has a 64 GB internal memory with 4GB of RAM, Snapdragon 430 with X6 LTE Modem which HMD says is designed for excellent Graphic performance and battery life.

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Availability and Price of Nokia 6

The Nokia 6 will retail for CNY 1,699, around $245. Nokia had once overwhelmed the cell phone advertise back when it wasn’t excessively immersed with field players. As the field turned out to be more focused, it gradually lost a firm a dependable balance in the business.

It attempted to recover some balance with the Lumia handsets, however those didn’t get on. After Microsoft surrendered Nokia’s cell phone business, HMD assumed control. In December, the organization struck a permitting bargain that gave it sole utilization of the Nokia marking on every single future telephone and tablets it’ll make. HMD is paying Nokia for the brand and licenses, in spite of the fact that the eponymous telephone producer isn’t specifically required with HMD, as indicated by Reuters. Nokia is currently more centered around its system gear business.
HMD will launch basic Nokia phones in the month of December. The company says that it plans to launch more of the products on the first half of the year