If you remember the last year’s crisis that came upon Crytek for not paying the salaries to their employees on regular basis, we have something even worse to tell you. The company was about to go bankrupt and it resulted in a great turnout of employees.

a day at crytek 18 11431 Crytek Istanbul’s former head of game operations preparing to sue his ex company for not clearing his dues

The Current Situation

A former employee of the company has plans for suing the company for not paying him his claims. The fiasco is actually going on for an unpaid severance package. Volkan Turan, Crytek Istanbul’s former head of game operations got struck off of the company on 25th of October and this is what he wrote on his Facebook page:

As of October 25, the company I worked with for 3 years and 7 months terminated the contract unilaterally due to personal hostility. They won’t give me my claims. Just to get my claims, I took the matter to the court, as of today I sued Crytek. My lawyer and I believe we will win, and you should too. The case does not end immediately, but when it does, the court decision will also be shared here.

The unpaid claims give us a clue that it’s about some severance payments so Crytek will now be facing Turan in court.

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