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VMware Horizon 8 New Features

VMware Horizon 8

VMware made a statement that its Horizon 8 release gives IT teams additional tools to manage virtual desktop infrastructure with increased options for cloud implementation and new RESTful APIs. The newly introduced VMware Horizon 8 features have taken into consideration the challenges of working remotely owing to the coronavirus pandemic. VMware is also developing services that will assist companies in reopening office spaces.

VMware said that the new VMware Horizon 8 is designed and created to put extra management tools in one place for the virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI). This makes it very comfortable to scale VDI deployments.

What’s new in VMware Horizon 8?

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New Cloud Environments and Universal Broker 

VMware is gradually pushing toward better cloud support through its solutions and product lines. VMware Horizon is undoubtedly a step in this path. With the launching of VMware Horizon 8 2006, you can use VMware Cloud on AWS, Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud, and VMware Cloud on Dell EMC.

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Besides, VMware Horizon 8 2006 has a new component called the Universal Broker. With the Universal Broker, you can enable global entitlement irrespective of where the resource may be. This allows intelligently provisioning users to a personal desktop or application in any cloud environment all through the board.

Additional Intelligent Image and Application Management 

Another aspect of enhancement with the VMware Horizon 8 2006 is in the image and application management. 

With this new release, image and application management have already been simplified and it includes the ability to cover images/apps across several pods and even cloud environments. This allows creating an image once and then sharing it across the environment, irrespective of which cloud or pod you select to share it to. This enables for much more uninterrupted, comfortable management across your entire environment without having to maintain images and apps for each.

Real-time Performance Monitoring and Security 

VMware has proceeded to add to the native tools present in the VMware Horizon platform. Also, these new releases are real-time performance monitoring and end-to-end security.

VMware has further increased the security in VMware Horizon 8, which is fantastic news considering most employees that are working remotely with improved security threats because of the nature of the present work situation caused by COVID-19. This new end-to-end security enhancements with Horizon 8 2006 will undoubtedly assist in bolstering security for remote workers.

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Improved Instant Clones with smart provisioning 

The newly improved instant clones that have been magnanimously improved for efficiency are included in VMware Horizon 8 2006. With VMware Horizon 8 2006, you can have stateless, non-persistent desktops in seconds without having to get the parent VM footprint.

Well, Instant clones don’t need the parent VM to construct anymore, which saves on disk space and other resources that were formerly required for use with instant clones. This new feature is called Instant Clone Smart Provisioning.

Elastic DRS 

It is a “cloudy” new feature that has been added in the VMware Horizon 8 2006. Elastic DRS enables organizations to dynamically expand desktop pools and speedily burst up or down, depending on their environmental needs and user workloads.

New App Volumes feature

VMware App Volumes have been enhanced in this new release. It includes new portability features that allow packaging applications once and also use them anywhere, including any cloud. The app packaging process has been simplified and includes enhanced inventory and lifecycle management.

It also supports new environments like Horizon Cloud on Azure. Deployments include lots of possible configurations, including rollbacks. This assists in strengthening the suppleness that organizations have with deploying applications.

Enhanced Blast Extreme Protocol 

Blast Extreme is VMware’s proprietary display protocol that offers the most effective approach of communicating with backend desktop resources. With the new VMware Horizon 8 2006 release, the VMware Blast Extreme protocol provides the following:

  • New HEVC H.265 codecs and GPUs
  • High-quality video
  • Support for 4K and 8K monitors
  • 3D graphics workloads
Image Source: VMware Blogs

Enhanced Unified Communication 

Remote workers require the tools that will enable them to be more productive and effectively carry out their daily business-critical tasks. With VMware Horizon 8, VMware has enhanced the unified communications features in its solution. New optimization packs have been released for Zoom and also WebEx. Also, improved audio and video support has been added, alongside support for Microsoft Teams.

High-end graphics support from both NVIDIA and AMD 

VMware has enhanced the offering for high-end graphics. It includes support for NVIDIA GRID and Quadro. They have partnered with NVIDIA, Intel, and AMD to offer abundant graphics support and optimizations for modern office applications and multimedia needs.

Integration with VMware Intrinsic Security Products 

VMware keeps on integrating the VMware Horizon platform fully with the maximum portfolio of VMware security products, including Workspace ONE, VMware SD-WAN by VeloCloud, NSX Advanced Load Balancer by Avi Networks, and the Unified Access Gateway.

Also, with the acquisition of Carbon Black, VMware keeps on integrating the next-generation endpoint security into desktop workloads to deploy a genuine zero-trust environment.


Although, it seems as if this is going to be another excellent VMware Horizon release for VMware. Most organizations are undoubtedly going to keep looking at expanding their remote work capabilities. Any new improvements and features with remote workspace technology are going to receive ready adoption, particularly with the “new normal” that has taken over worldwide due to the pandemic.

In truth, the VMware Horizon 8 is a fully developed VDI solution that has passed beyond a simple on-premises solution. Presently, it is very cloud-aware and contains support for lots of several public cloud environments and solutions. VMware Horizon 8 will be out till the end of October 2020, till then, we will have to wait patiently to get our hands on it.

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