VMware Horizon 7: Paving Way for Desktop Virtualization

Advances in IT infrastructure and the advent of cloud computing have changed the way organizations function. The emergence of virtualization with its branches spreading to the storage, network, and hardware has superseded the traditional hardware.

This incorrigible technology has paved the way towards a more productive, agile and secure working environment.

In layman’s terms, virtualization is thought of something which leads to the creation of many virtual resources. The term is frequently used to convey one of these concepts in a variety of areas such as networking, storage, and hardware. Virtualization has replaced the physical hardware to software which has eventually proved to be cost-efficient.

Virtualization includes making a single physical resource, such as a server, an operating system, an application, or storage device, appear to function as multiple virtual resources or making multiple physical resources, such as storage devices or servers, appear as a single virtual resource.

Today’s mobile workforce needs to be high-yielding. The fast pace with which the world is on the go requires the organizations and its workforce to be working and producing results no matter where they are.

Businesses are always on the move and people work anywhere and everywhere. This makes managing users difficult, more time consuming and costly than ever. Also, with confidential data traveling with the workforce, security becomes important and challenging.

IT department has left no stone unturned in automating everything and anything. IT team has paved the way towards desktop virtualization providing a next-generation platform for both application delivery and desktop delivery with ease and security. This incredible development is efficient not only in terms of time but also cost.

There exist many types of virtualization technologies. Desktop virtualization is one among them. It is a type of virtualization technology that isolates an operating system instance from the computer that is used to access it.

In simple terms it means, you can own a desktop on a cloud and use any device to access it and you can see the same data and applications from anywhere in the world. Your data and files are no more stored on your computer that you are using to access the desktop, instead, the data is stored on the cloud.

Virtualized desktops are hosted on a remote central server which could be a cluster of computers. Desktop virtualization enables users to maintain their individual desktops on a single central server or a cloud.

The users are connected to this central server via the internet. Desktop Virtualization has many benefits. It provides a lower total cost of ownership and increased security. It reduces downtime and allows centralized management.

VMware Horizon 7, a product of VMware, has been designed keeping all the factors discussed above. It has been called a purpose-built platform for the mobile cloud era. VMware Horizon 7 is the leading platform for virtual desktops and applications.

It provides end users access to all of their virtual desktops, applications, and online services through a single digital workspace. VMware Horizon 7 allows you to create a holistic, highly automated platform which lets you manage your end users. Built for Software-defined Data Centre, VMware Horizon 7 helps you easily present virtualize desktops and hosted applications through a single unified workspace.

The users have access to their virtual desktops and applications and hence are free to work naturally from anywhere. For example, suppose a user starts writing a report on the branch office PC, and suddenly the power goes out in their building.

The user can pick up where they left off at home on their MacBook or iPad because their virtual desktop resides in the data center. In fact, if a user does not happen to have a device of their own at the moment, they can borrow one and use the VMware Horizon 7 HTML Access web client.

The web client does not require installing any software on the client device. This is how VMware Horizon 7 simplifies everyday tasks at work and home.

VMware Horizon 7 is integrated with VMware’s Software-Defined Data Center, which includes vSphere, vSAN and NSX. This integration provides a seamless solution and helps eliminate the need to build, test and support disparate storage, virtualization and networking products.

Virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) products, such as VMware Horizon 7, enable IT departments to run virtual machine (VM) desktops and applications in the data center and remotely deliver these desktops and applications to employees as a managed service. This strategy enables multiple VMs to be run per physical server core.

This has eased the work of administrators. Desktop and application management can now be simplified and automated. Admins can quickly create virtual desktops on demand based on location and profile, and securely deliver desktops as a service from a central location.

VMware Horizon 7 is dexterous in performing several tasks and easing out the operations of businesses ensuring full security. It delivers desktops and applications through a single platform. Well equipped, VMware Horizon 7 transform static desktops into secure, digital workspaces that can be delivered on demand anytime anywhere.

It quickly delivers Windows and Linux resources at scale across multiple data centers. Amongst its many features, the Blast Extreme Performance feature allows VMware Horizon 7 to deliver an immersive, feature-rich user experience for end users, across devices, locations, media and network connections with Blast Performance.

It also provides secure, workstation-class performance and rich 2D and 3D graphics from the cloud to remote and mobile workers with Horizon with Blast 3D. It ensures that the end users easily collaborate across devices and platforms with a consistently great experience.
And above VMware Horizon 7 reduces the costs of the organizations. Let’s get in detail various features of VMware Horizon 7.

VMware Horizon 7 Features

VMware Horizon 7 is believed to provide two-way features, those that benefit IT admins and those that primarily benefit end users. Let’s have a look at these features in detail

Deliver applications and desktops automatically and in real-time

VMware Horizon is equipped with VMware JMP (Just-in-Time Management Platform) which orchestrates the building of necessary systems in real time. JMP uses the VMware vSphere® Instant Clone Technology and VMware User Environment Manager™. These components provide assistance to VMware Horizon 7 in order to deploy desktop and application services to specific groups of users at the time and location the IT admin chooses. The former technology leverages the VMware virtualization infrastructure for ultra-fast desktop provisioning and the latter enables admins to personalize user and application settings and configure user environments dynamically based on conditions such as the user’s location, type of device, and user group.

There is another technology called VMware App Volumes™ which aids VMware Horizon 7 enhance its scope. It is a container-style technology that attaches applications to a VM at login time. It also eliminates the pain in application packaging and can reduce the number of images admins must manage by up to 70 percent. From maintaining user customizations to the user-installed application, these technologies when worked in tandem rapidly creates a desktop that seems persistent. VMware Horizon 7 has made operations glib, enabling the automatic generation of new desktops easy and making them readily available for the user’s next login.

Simplify management and maintenance tasks

VMware Horizon 7 gives you the benefits of Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI). This feature has umpteen benefits including security, reliability, and access from all types of client devices while removing the usual obstacles. For example, instead of each user having a dedicated VM that requires as much maintenance effort as a physical desktop, only a few master VM images are required.

Other VMware technologies can help with the personalization and the seeming experience of a dedicated, persistent desktop. With VMware Horizon 7, users no longer need to equate the VDI experience with a locked-down, restricted, vanilla desktop. VMware Instant Clone Technology allows administrators to quickly create virtual desktops that share virtual disks with a master image. This conserves disk space and simplifies the management of OS patches and updates, thereby reducing storage and operational costs and increasing reliability and security.

VMware vRealize Operations for VMware Horizon 7 monitors the health, availability, performance, and efficiency of desktop and application services. It also analyzes metrics for VMware vSphere hosts, storage operations, and networking for other key elements of your end-user-computing deployment.

Keep sensitive data safe and enforce endpoint compliance

Security is the major concern of every organization. With data flowing and hackers existing all around, managing security becomes challenging. VMware Horizon 7 includes security features across all product areas, from the data center and network to the endpoint, including mobile devices. Communication among server components, client devices, and, optionally, virtual desktops uses TLS/SSL.

The User Environment Manager allows you to easily configure fine-grained policies for application blocking and disabling features such as copying, pasting, and printing based on the user device, location, and other defined security conditions. VMware NSX can provide micro-segmentation for network data separation which reaps advantages such as providing security within the hypervisor.

Give end users a rich, personalized experience from any device and any location

Workspace ONE is one such feature using which end-users can sign on once and access all their personalized virtual desktops and applications from company laptops, their home PCs, thin client devices, Macs, tablets, or smartphones.

With Blast Extreme, the newest VMware user-interface remoting technology, and the Blast Extreme display protocol, end users can enjoy the responsiveness and high-fidelity display they are accustomed to. You can also connect VMware Horizon 7 virtual desktops and applications to printers, scanners and imaging devices, smart cards, and USB storage devices.

Give your users a desktop that can never die

We all are well aware of the problems that are involved with using physical hardware. They can have accidents, get lost, get stolen, or just die. And this can lead to loss of data, which anyway can be restored but it takes time, and might or might not bring back your most recent work. In contrast, virtualized desktops and applications are highly available and accessible from whatever device is appropriate for the user at any given time and location and can make our lives sorted.

  • VMware Horizon 7 Standard: It had a simple yet powerful VDI which provides a great user experience.
  • VMware Horizon 7 Advanced: It is best-suited in providing cost-effective delivery of desktops and applications through a unified workspace.
  • VMware Horizon 7 Enterprise: It is efficient in desktop and application delivery with closed-loop management and automation.
  • VMware Horizon Apps Standard: It is a simple and powerful app virtualization with great user experience.
  • VMware Horizon Apps Advanced: It is powerful app virtualization with just-in-time management.

The Bottom Line

VMware Horizon 7 has fascinated the end users to access their personalized virtual desktops or remote applications from company laptops, their home PCs, thin client devices, Macs, tablets, or smartphones.

Existing as the leading platform for Windows desktop and application virtualization, VMware Horizon 7 is aiding businesses run smoothly. It is well furnished in providing a consistent user experience across devices and locations while keeping corporate data compliant and securely stored in the data center. VMware Horizon 7 delivers simple, cost-effective desktop and application virtualization solutions for every need.

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