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Vivo Shows Its Prototype Xplay 6 Smartphone Using Qualcomm’s Ultrasonic Fingerprint Scanner

Vivo Prototype Xplay 6 Smartphone

Qualcomm just announced its new ultrasonic fingerprint scanner. Which will be able to register fingerprints even under a glass or metal surface. Where Vivo was the first one to show it on hand, how this technology from Qualcomm works.

At MWC Shanghai, Vivo presented its first prototype named the Vivo Xplay 6. Which is equipped with Qualcomm new ultrasonic fingerprint scanner. There are two variants of the smartphone though. One of which presents how the under glass finger scanner works. While the other presents how it works under a metal surface. According to Engadget who have been playing around with this new technology. It works great, but it still has a long way to go. As it has significant speed problems when it comes to unlocking the device.

Vivo did put out the first prototype using this new technology. But sadly it won’t be the first company to come out with it. This is because Qualcomm will start offering these new ultrasonic fingerprint scanner next month. Where we might see it into a functional product next year. Hopefully the new Galaxy smartphone from Samsung might be one of them. Though Samsung is also reported to be working on their own similar technology.

According to rumors the Apple iPhone 8 is also said to be using the same technology. Which might make Apple the first company to implement this technology into a working smartphone. But again we don’t know for sure and it might just remain a rumor. Whatever the case maybe it’s great to see such technology come to life in the smartphone industry. As this kind of technology opens doors to a lot of innovations in terms of smartphone design.

Wouldn’t it be great to hold a smartphone with nothing but a big and bright display at the front?


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