With the trend of bezel-less phones on the rise, it’s hard to place a fingerprint sensor at the front anymore. Which have made a lot of smartphone manufactures move it to the sides or the back. While some have entirely removed it from existence with some courage.

Vivo a Chinese phone maker just unveiled its new smartphone. Which not only offers a bezel-less design but also comes with a fingerprint sensor at the front of the phone. That is embedded underneath the display, developed by Synaptics.

Vivo CES 2018 02 Vivo Launches Its First Phone With An Embedded Fingerprint Sensor

Unlike its prototype the new Vivo phone now uses an optical based finger scanning technology. That only works through an OLED display panel. Which helps illuminate your fingerprint, that is then reflected on the embedded fingerprint sensor inside the display. Registering a fingerprint also works the same way on this new sensor. users would be asked to place their finger on an illuminated icon at the bottom of the display. That then scans your fingerprint just like any other Android or iOS device would.

After the registering process is done, everything works like it should. This new technology is still limited though, because users would need to place their finger on a specific area. Which is illuminated at the bottom of the display, when the phone is turned on. That according to Vivo is a location that people are used to on a smartphone.

vivo fingerprint angle on cs 1200x630 c ar1.91 Vivo Launches Its First Phone With An Embedded Fingerprint Sensor

Samsung and Apple are also reported to be working on their version of the same technology. But we haven’t seen any prototype of such from either of them. But do expect Samsung to bring something similar to the table next year.

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The embedded fingerprint sensor on the Vivo phone is a nice start. But it would be nice if users could place their finger anywhere on the screen. Something that we might see happening in the near future.