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Visual Data is the key factor which can decide between a good AI-based device and an average AI-based device

World’s biggest tech giants seem to be fighting to take over the Artificial Intelligence scene and the key to the success is showing “Visual Data.” This is a human nature that the content with more visual data will seem more attractive. So, this battle between the companies can be won by owning the connected camera. This will help the computers to interpret more and more visual data which is becoming the keen part of today’s content.

Best Implementations

Keeping in mind the visual data factor, there can be numerous implementations of modern day AI and of those is the E-Commerce sector. Why? Well, I am sure that you must be aware of the answer.

Take the example of Google Home. The device is on some basic levels of AI these days but the news suggests that better days are coming for its users. Reminders notifications have recently been added to it and more features are being added. Ever wondered, what could have been the scene if Google Home had an inbuilt camera? Exactly! It could have read many of the things for our support. The functionalities could have been doubled (which can be the part of Google’s future plans as well) which supports the above-mentioned statement that Visual Data reading is the key to success for modern day AI.

Similarly, Amazon Echo feels pretty helpless without the inbuilt camera. Echo is a very good example of modern day AI but the limitations are pretty much the same as that of Google Home. As described by Fei-Fei Li, the Director of the Stanford University Artificial Intelligence Lab and Chief Scientist AI/ML at Google Cloud, visual data can be the game changer in a competition. To quote his words exactly, it goes like:

More than 500 million years ago, vision became the primary driving force of evolution’s ‘big bang’, the Cambrian Explosion, which resulted in explosive speciation of the animal kingdom. 500 million years later, AI technology is at the verge of changing the landscape of how humans live, work, communicate and shape our environment. As nature discovered early on, vision is one of the most powerful secret weapons of an intelligent animal to navigate, survive, interact and change the complex world it lives in. The same is true for intelligence systems. More than 80% of the web is data in pixel format (photos, videos, etc.), there are more smartphones with cameras than the number of people on earth, and every device, every machine and every inch of our space is going to be powered by smart sensors. The only path to build intelligent machines is to enable it with powerful visual intelligence, just like what animals did in evolution. While many are searching for the ‘killer app’ of vision, I’d say, vision is the ‘killer app’ of AI and computing.

This makes pretty much clear, the ultimate need of a camera or a similar tool to make an AI-based device successful. As discussed above, the e-commerce sector can flourish well, provided that devices start focusing more on this factor.

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