Humming is family of malware which is more dangerous due to it’s dubbing abilities in Google play apps. HummingBad and HummingWhale has effected almost 10 million android devices in last year.While there are other malewares other than Google apps.

android malware Virulent Android Malware HummingBad and HummingWhale  2 Million Downloads On Google Play Store


HummingBad , there were 50,000 fake apps installed, 20 million infected  advertisements publicize , and $300,000 revenues per month earned.

This malware is clever in function it targets the old version of android as well as it thief software which secretly enter into the phone through Google Play app.When the user in unaware of it’s presence.Although it do not rootkit tool but installed through downloads.

HammingWhale Malware:

download 1 Virulent Android Malware HummingBad and HummingWhale  2 Million Downloads On Google Play Store

HammingWhale malware views ad and upload on the device without prior permission for the earning money.So, this makes unwanted ads display.Once the user even close the ads the app download it’s copies with being aware of user.this gives a fake ID to attacker to earn ads money.

Scope and functional area of Hummingwhale:

HummingWhale has effected more than 20 apps on Google play store, in the view of security check point researchers.

It has been downloaded by almost from 2 million to 12 million unknown users.Which is definitely an infected app.

The one thing is introduced by one malware develop others are very pron to adopt it.Which enhance the scope of malware.

Other than ads view the app is disappears from phone after it is downloaded.

It other very convincing ability is to post comments and higher rating in Google play store.It is very helpful to built a good Google image for further encouragement to download and attract customers.

Researchers claim that spyware backdoor of apps on Play Store is responsible for polling users

How to protect from malwares:

To protect your phone from malware the first step is download only a registered and well know smart phone apps developers. For extra security you can also download an antivirus.Most of antivirus and apps are available at android and iOS websites.