Many of the networks offer allowances to attract the users. Giving free access to the social networks like Facebook, WhatsApp is one of the tactics used by most of the companies. Today, Virgin Mobiles offers to you, unlimited data usage of Twitter.

Virgin is the first mobile network that offering you to free access of Twitter. The mobile data server had already 4G network that offering the free data usage of Facebook, Messenger and WhatsApp.

original 1 Virgin Mobile is first USA mobile data server allows you to unlimited free access to Twitter

Virgin Mobiles allow you to upload your photos, Post your images and tweets for free and unlimited mobile data coverage. However, you cannot see or post the videos for free on virgin Mobiles. For posting or sharing a video your data will be cut off or you may have to charge for the videos.

According to the report, Jeff Dodds, managing director of Mobile at Virgin Media states as:

“We want to focus our services towards how our customers use their devices and live their lives, giving them value that they can see and understand. That’s why we’ve expanded our data-free social offering to include Twitter which, when combined with fast 4G and data rollover, is transforming the future of social messaging on mobile and ensuring our customers never have to worry about keeping connected to the things and people they love.”

Virgin Mobile is not only one that have been offered for free access over the Facebook, WhatsApp or twitter. Last week, Go Binge tariffs allow access to Netflix unlimited content without any data cut off.

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Moreover, SoundCloud and Deezer are also offered with unlimited access to messenger. All the competitors in mobile data services are offering the free data and social media accounts. The zero rate apps are the result of the competition and one day that will turn to a new direction for the users.