Although CES 2017 is fairly mobile technology year, especially the month of February is very crucial for each mobile producing firm. Similarly, the Shenzhen-based company Vernee a smartphone producing company is ready to launch Vernee Apollo 2 smartphone.

Shenzhen-based Chinese smartphone company the Vernee is about to launch its Apollo 2 smartphone with the variant of 8GB and on the board memory of 128GB. It is the first phone with more than 6GB RAM. The first shipment with MediaTek Helio X30 deca-core processor.

Vernee Apollo 2 may be the worlds first smartphone to carry the Helio X30 CPU Vernee Apollo 2 smartphone: fist smartphone with 8GB RAM and MediaTek Helio X30 deca core processor


Specs and release on Apollo 2:

Vernee will introduce Apollo 2 in MWC at the end of this month as the company has posted the specs on the official twitter account. The smartphone will be available in two version the entry version and high price version. The Entry version is with 6GB RAM and 64GB built storage while high price version is with 8GB RAM And 128 GB storage.

Apollo is the first phone launched with 8GB ram and first phone with Google’s day dream and experience virtual reality. It also supports Google Tango technology for 3D environment creation. Asus Zenfone AR upcoming phone is to be launch with the almost same specs but may lags behind in memory competition.

Catch12DC Vernee Apollo 2 smartphone: fist smartphone with 8GB RAM and MediaTek Helio X30 deca core processor

Well there are so many Android phones actually need 8GB RAM but there aren’t so many apps that take much memory. These apps work so quick with 6GB and 4GB RAM. The advantage of high RAM is that it makes you easy to switch between different app at te same time without reducing speed. It is interesting a phone is coming to the market with 8GB RAM as well A brand new phone with 1GB is also available. So, what is the future of 1GB phone?

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