Verizon is buying Comcast for almost $3 billion.

The latter has been trying to establish itself in providing wireless connection to mobile phones, whose bridles are now in the hands of the former.

Screenshot 12 4 Verizon might acquire Comcast at $173 billion


At the recent CES, Lowell McAdam, Verizon Chief Executive hinted to his interest in buying the company, as he might be needing Comcast’s cable operations to launch 5G wireless operation.

Another big project that is still in abeyance but to be disposed soon is Verizon’s occupation of Yahoo for $4.8 billion. Owing to latest grand scam of hacking 1 billion Yahoo accounts, Verizon might be reluctant to own it now as per the previous deal.

Screenshot 13 4 Verizon might acquire Comcast at $173 billion


Comcast will cost Verizon $173 billion, which is a hefty amount to disperse with, especially when it is also taking interest elsewhere. On the other side, Charter Communications is valued at $81.64 billion, which is as fairly priced as half of the other, and of course can be a better option for Verizon, if it is to substantiate 5G in the future.

Screenshot 14 4 Verizon might acquire Comcast at $173 billion


However, all are speculations that do not reflect Verizon’s actual deal with any company.

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