Gabe well the president and co founder of valve a session on Reddit.he was online for the session of ask me any thing.He has confirmed that they are developing virtual reality headset and intended to develop new VR games. 

Valve has leadership position in world of virtual reality.Valve has attracted Newell in Oculus Kickstar videos.As well as the company is responsible to Steam’s leader position worldwide.In reply to Newell, Valve employee Joe Ludwing said the company is producing more VR headsets of lighthouse technology.she further said there almost 500 companies have signed up in lighthouse project specially HMD.Afew of them were less but more were ready to work.

download 4 4 Valve is working On Virtual Reality and ready to sell the hardware
Valve VR headset

What Is The Lighthouse Technology?

The SteamVR Lighthouse tech is a modern technology that emits a bunch of lasers in a room.User is able to trace them by wearing a headset. These lasers rays can not be seen by the naked eye. Lighthouse is a advanced, unusual system that can work on many products.This technology has significantly decreased  production costs as the tracking mechanism is already installed in the headsets. The technology includes many new features and objects that can be made tangible, which results in  new aspects of VR like fire-fighting, hitting a ball, etc. This has also increased its likeliness to actual life situations.

Valve views on VR and Future of Valve :

Newell had commented on a Reddit posts about Valve’s intention in producing  games for VR. He pointed out that the company was focused to develop a VR-specific game and when asked that what are the company’s  plans to release a full Valve VR game, he said that the Valve is already developed enough even it is considered as gaming tool.

According to Monolith Shadow of War Runs at Native 4K on Xbox One X and the console is crazy powerful

valvecomplete Valve is working On Virtual Reality and ready to sell the hardware

In future orientation Valve is ready to look a new business brand want to make company intensive business hub.The company said it is working VR and ready to introduced the hardware that support VR. As the gaming industry is getting more and more competitive and with bunch of innovation.The situation of competition is favorable for the industry it boosts the competition.