Combating first world problems is a big mess and the scientists are on it every day. Where there is so much to cherish about the technology, the side effects may lead to complete disappointment. One of those problems is ‘Voice Hacking’ or ‘Machine Voice Impersonation’. The use of speech recognition technology can be pretty useful when it comes to added security checks but the latest news confirms that it can be breached by hackers.

pic 64 Researchers claim that smartphone compass can be used as an effective tool against Voice Hacking


Researchers Have Come Up With A Solution

To bring a solution to this problem, researchers from University at Buffalo have come up with an Industry-4.0 solution. If you remember the Burger King commercial case where a voice-based marketing stunt was performed, you can pretty much get an idea of misuse of the speech recognition technology. You just need a simple audio recording of few minutes and major security breaches into your smartphone or any other smart device can be done.

To go a bit further, a Canadian startup named Lyrebird, proved that how easily can a voice be hacked using a one-minute audio sample. This can include telephonic conversations as well. A funny yet terrifying example of the experiment is in this SoundCloud clip where even the 2 presidents Barack Obama and Donald Trump were not exempted. You can also hear Hillary Clinton in the discussion. To add more to the worse effects, this software can even create certain emotions, such as anger, sadness or happiness.


How To Save Yourself

The next target of this voice hacking can be you and you definitely need to get something doing to save yourself from the matter. Though the workarounds are numerous, you can try minimizing it by using your smartphone’s Magnetometer. The researchers have successfully tested an app based on your phone’s magnetometer and the developers are confident enough that voice passed after using this technology cannot be stolen.

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%name Researchers claim that smartphone compass can be used as an effective tool against Voice Hacking

During the 37th International Conference on Distributed Computing Systems (ICDCS 2017), the idea was presented which appealed many of the field experts. The idea behind it is simple:
When a hacker tries to copy and mold a sound, he actually needs speakers to broadcast your voice again and again. And a speaker gives off magnetic fields and here the misuse can be controlled by the use of the magnetometer. Soon the researchers will make this app available on different public platforms so that you can save yourselves from this new headache.