Different storage level in iPhone storage is one of the unique quality which Apple gives to its users and fans. You can get same iPhones with different prices and storages according to your demand. If you just want your phone for texting and calls then u can have 32gb iPhone but if you are making 4K videos then you definitely needs iPhone in 256gb. And if your usage is in the middle then you can have iPhones in 64gb or 128gb. This variant actually gives you the choice.

iPhone 8 Users Views For New Storage Policy Of Apple
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According to current rumors about iPhone 8, we are hearing that it will come only in 64gb and 256gb. Is this the efficient step or not? Let’s see! Different iPhone storage levels are giving variety for the various users. As price is less according to storage then someone will less budget can also buy an iPhone. Prices varied from $50 to $100 Like in iPhone 7 prices are like  $649 for 32GB, $749 for 128GB and $849 for 256GB in the U.S.

iPhone 8 1 Users Views For New Storage Policy Of Apple
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Now in new iPhones, everybody will have enough storage that he can download the full show from the Netflix if he wants to. There will be never any issue of storage full. But still, want not every wants this much storage. According to some rumors, iPhone 8 could cost upwards of $1,000. With this change, iPhone 8 is coming with many new technologies and changes. Like Trendforce is saying that the iPhone 8 will have AMOLED display, which is never used before also it will have 5.8 inches display. Critics about the small screen are now going to end. But there is no doubt that all of this amazing features with come which high price.

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Now we have to wait and see that this type of changing in Apple’s next phone will give it more market sales or only some people will buy it due to such high price.