The advantage of Apple’s iPhone 7 Plus is to support a dual camera.It has a good advantage to make sounds when there is a need to improve video and image quality. In this regard many users do not find good results of it. Majority of users say that this model has a hardware fault issue needed to be repaired.
iPhone 7 Plus has a Black Image Preview and an Emergency Prompt .
One of it’s user called teryakiwok have highlighted that the iPhone 7 Plus cameras are failing.  One redditor has stated the following event that became apparent with the smartphone.

image Users replace iPhone 7 plus due to failure of its Cameras Hardware

“My new iPhone 7 Plus camera went AWOL today and a quick Twitter / Google search confirmed I’m not the only one. I opened up the camera app only to be met with a black image preview, sometimes I can get an image however it’s either tinted green or purple and was once accompanied by a screen stating ‘Emergency iPhone needs to cool down’ when the handset wasn’t even slightly warm. I’ve tried hard reset and factory restore to no avail, however I’ve been in contact with other users with the same problem and apple had to replace their phones due to a ‘hardware fault’. So if you’re met with the same issue take it back for a replacement :)”

iPhone 7 7 1 Users replace iPhone 7 plus due to failure of its Cameras Hardware

iphone users have found the key issue which cause a fault in the hardware of iphone. They suggest the users to correct the problem after warranting for replacement. This is not the final and solid reason of fault in camera hardware at all, another statement about failure is due to damage of the flex connector which is placed inside the data that meant for data and thermal register line . However,it is not the solid reason of iphone camera hardware failure.
It is very important to know that only a few owners do face this difficulty.If some one face such issue ,they are suggested to replace it soon to get another one. Some countries are unable to give hardware support, so the users of iphone in such countries are the unfortunate ones.

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iphone 7 plus broken camera Users replace iPhone 7 plus due to failure of its Cameras Hardware