A few days ago recently introduced a new device by the Samsung company with amended features. S8 got a bad response from it’s customer side the very beginning they were facing red tint issue. Customer of Samsung who bought this new smartphone complaining that S8 has Burn In Issue on the Super AMOLED screens.

The owner uploaded a photo that allegedly showed that his screen was affected by burn-in on the lower part of the glass near the virtual home button.Samsung cleverly handle this situation by saying that it has an algorithm in place of the phones in order to prevent this from occurring. The screen produces black color which is difficult to see.

samsung galaxy s8 trailer caracteristicas stereo bocinas iris scanner doble camara USER OF SAMSUNG GALAXY S8 FACING BURN IN ISSUE AFTER ONLY ONE WEEK USAGE

Galaxy S8 Burn-In Issues Are Starting To Appear

The complaint mostly seems from South Korean citizens. A Korean user uploaded a photo of a Galaxy S8 with a burn-in problem, just one week after using the device. The burn-in issue occurred in the lower part of the display where the virtual home button is located.



Issues resolved by the company

Samsung has made a small refinement for those who are worried about burn-in problems,fear not the button actually moves around a bit to prevent image retention. A Samsung spokesperson in Korea assures that Samsung is already one step ahead of this issue, while noting that it has not received other cases of burn-in problems.

“An algorithm to prevent burn-ins is already equipped,” the spokesperson said. “Whether the consumer’s claim turns out to be true or not remains to be seen. At the moment, we are not receiving reports of other cases.”

Metal 12 will be used for upcoming Samsung smartphones and many other devices including wearable