Collection of some Useful and entertaining Android Apps which work without Wifi and internet connection.

FeedME . If you like to read news from various source and want to stay update before traveling or going on vacation than The FeedMe RSS reader is perfect apps for you.

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The FeedMe RSS reader provide and collect all of the latest news ,events and analysis without internet. This app collect and stores the news from Feedly, InoReader, Bazqux, The Older Reader, Feedbin . If you check the Feedly from the FeedMe you will  recieve a improve version of the normal Feedly app with the important feature of offline capabilities.

This will help you to collect and store all the latest news on your device from your Wi-Fi before you go offline and you can read the save news data later. This App will help you to save some data

AccuWeather The Best offline weather app  : With the help of latest Technology and internet at our finger tip we are able to check the weather update with ease.Weather updates and Apps help us to prepare for any climate change and spread any sign of climate warning.

Weather Apps Basically depend on internet to provide the accurate reports and updates.

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However, AccuWeather apps store data to provide 15 day weather forecast. So if you are unable to connect to internet for more than two week ,or planing to go  on climbing or hiking The Apps will help to provide and give you an idea about upcoming weather conditions .

Amazon Kindle the Best offline eBook reader app:

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eBook reader apps are the best offline apps to keep you busy for hours or long period of time. Ebook reader doesn’t depend on the internet.if you like to read books Amazon Kindle is one of the best available app it provide you a swift and easy access to thousands of digital books.

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you can buy books online or search and download the free available books .with the help of Ebook reader you can read it any time and you don’t need to connect with the internet .

Best offline documents saving app: Google Drive

Google Drive is the leading and reliable cloud storage services which help you to store all your files and document online and than let you download the document to your device from any where. You can use google drive without internet and access your files offline ,they sync at once into the cloud when you connect internet again .To do this, tap the ‘i’ or Options icon of a file in Google Drive, then tap the switch next to Keep on Device. You can save as many files as you like, and Google Drive will allow you to access.

Best offline app for saving things Offline : Pocket

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Pocket is a popular offline reading apps on the Play Store.its has been install almost by 248,921 user in google play store. It help you download articles, videos, and different content you find online in to your device with a single click and later read or watch it offline. It has a splendid design interface which is easy to use and manage your data.

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offline translation app without Internet : Google Translate 

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Google Translate is one of the most used and effective translators.
You can type or speak into Google Translator and the App will translate the word in 90 languages.Google translate also work without internet,all you have to do is download the languages you’re looking to translate.

Best offline Map app: Google Maps

apple google maps Some Useful and best Offline Android Apps collection

The recent updates of Google Maps has enhance it features and performance. You can download it by clicking on Offline areas tab in the settings menu. You can download the whole city maps with Google’s navigation system, So you can use Google Maps without internet connection.The downloaded maps in your offline areas will be automatically removed after 30 days, so you dont have to worry about storage space

Best offline music app: Spotify  

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Spotify digital music apps has data collection of millions songs .
you can sync your favorite music or playlist which mean all your music will be available without internet. To avail this app it will cost you US$9.99 per month .