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Fond of capturing beautiful moments in a game? Nvidia Ansel helps you to not let go of the moment that your eye finds amazing


Most of you may have a clue of what Nvidia Ansel is capable of doing but also, a great number of people among you may consider focusing more on the game rather than taking screenshots of it. But Ansel hasn’t been developed by the developers without any special reason.

What’s So Special In Using Ansel?

Well, this is the most common question that arises in the mind of most of the people when they find out what Ansel is made for. Ansel basically lets you capture beautiful moments of the game by taking their screenshots provided that the game is included in the supported games’ list. The reason for introducing the tool was basically to capture such moments in a game which make you feel like out of the world. For example, a beautiful scenery of the Bolivian landscape in The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt may have become the reason to the fact that 200,000 Ansel screenshots were captured only in this game. This high figure tells you how important this tool can be.

Start Thinking Of A Game As A Piece Of Art

While almost all of us are busy in watching a gameplay or fighting hard in a combat mission, our victory may become the reason for making our day out. Also, if you start thinking of a game as a piece of art, you might also come across the idea of saving a moment in a game which may not come again once you proceed in the game. This will serve as the biggest reason for you to use Ansel for taking screenshots of a game.


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