Mishaps are obvious but the consequences are dangerous. Sometimes, without having a clue, we delete our SMS conversations which are very important to us but Alas! You just forget it while marking all the unwanted texts to send them to the trash bin. Well, here’s an easy method of recovering your Text Messages in any of the Android devices.

Recovering Messages Through “FORecovery Android Data Recovery” 

connect android to computer 1 Recover your deleted SMS messages on any of your Android device through this amazing new app!

Introducing one of the best recovery tools for your important data including text messages, FORecovery is an easy to use tool with too many advantages. Here’s how to use it.

  • Download and install the Android data recovery app on your PC
  • Open the app and select the “Data recovery” option
  • Attach your Android device to the PC through data cable and enable the USB debugging mode
  • If you want to recover the text messages, check the “Messaging” option and tap“Next.”
  • Select the “Standard Mode” and click on the “Agree with the warning” message
  • Click the “Start” button and wait for a while
  • All of your deleted data will be visible to you and you need to select the “message” option to get all of the lost messages back
  • As a last step, select the messages you want to recover and tap on the “Recover” button and you are good to go!

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