It wasn’t that long time back that USB Type-C was a truly phenomenal port. A great deal has changed. Obviously, USB-C is setting down deep roots. One of the greatest drawbacks to the new standard in any case, is that you need to either purchase a huge amount of connectors so you can continue utilizing your chargers, portable batteries, and other microUSB accessories— or you need to begin once again starting with no outside help. On the off chance that you as of now have invested intensely into power packs and different accessories, going the previous course may bode well. All things considered, a compact battery charger intended for USB Type-C has its benefits over utilizing a connector with one intended for microUSB. At the start, charging velocity will be substantially speedier with a Type-C connection. Second, less connectors and different links to carry alongside you.

At the point when Apple initially acquainted us with the new USB-C compatible MacBook, we knew the time ahead was USB-C. Regardless of whether we are pleased proprietors of a sparkly new MacBook, we know the switch is inescapable down the line, which is the thing that makes the Nifty charger so incredible.

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Little and robust, this charger powers up devices by means of USB-C and USB-A so you’ll just ever require one battery pack. Best yet, it energizes gadgets to six times quicker than your normal charger on account of Qualcomm 2.0 quick charging. So whether you’re attempting to take a shot at a plane or battling for outlets in a bistro, this portable battery will keep you energized.

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Regardless of whether you’re charging an iPhone, tablet, GoPro or new MacBook, this effective small charging unit is certain to spare you time, cash, and trouble. You can buy the Nifty C PowerPod Battery Pack for $49.99 and join the coming times.