Urbanista Boston – The only review you need to care about

Urbanista is a brand that is known to dish out music headsets that are made keeping in mind the requirements of all strata of society- be it the fashion-forward group, the physically active group or people with a fine taste for high-end products.

Urbanista likes to be related to all those focus groups. This is a unique feature, considering the demand coming from people from all groups. It is very important in these times to have a company that is catering to all people, and Urbanista is one of them.

This is one of the reasons why Urbanista is gaining so much popularity these days. There is another unique feature that separates Urbanista from its competitors which is rooted in the way the company names its products.

Their products are named after different global cities, which makes it all the more exciting. There is the New York series, the Barcelona series, San Francisco, Madrid, Paris and even Seattle. Today we will talk about the Urbanista Boston series and see for ourselves about all the good and all the bad.

Urbanista Boston is a series of in-ear headphones that is made for people with an active lifestyle. The Urbanista Boston is a very attractive looking set of headphones that is made with only a few things in mind, making sure that headphones are not the reason for a pause in the hectic schedule that people have.

There are many features that make these sets of in-ear headphones something to watch for.

Even though there are some cons to this product, Urbanista has done a commendable job in coming out with the Urbanista Boston series of in-ear headphones.

We will review these headphones and tell if these are worth the price tag of Rs. 5000 that they possess or not. There are many parameters that we will judge the in-ear headphones on, ranging from hardware to user-friendliness and performance.


The first point that we shed some light on is packaging. It comes in a neatly packaged box which holds the gadget along with three pairs of Ergonomically-shaped Go-Fit earbuds which are of different sizes and fit perfectly.

Then comes the charging cable that is there for charging this Bluetooth accessible gadget. The charging port in all Urbanista Boston in-ear headphones is USB-C which is a good thing because it makes these headphones easily chargeable.

Finally, there is a carrying case so that they can be kept safe while travelling.


Urbanista Boston series has in-ear headphones that are available in 4 variants- Highlight, Coral Island, Pink Panther and Dark Clown.

Just like the names that are super catchy and attractive, the in-ear headphones are very attractive to look at too. That is one of its premium features.

Its ear tips are quite soft, comfortable and fitting, which means when a person goes out for let’s say a run, he/she will not have to worry about the ear pieces falling off time and again, which can be a big problem for a few people.

The Urbanista Boston in-ear headphones are wireless headphones, which is the newest sector of development in the headphones sector. Being wireless means that they have a battery and hence a battery housing slot, which is surprisingly big and bulky. But like everything has a positive side to it, even the big battery housing port can also be perceived as a blessing in disguise.

Since it is so big and heavy, it keeps the headphones from bouncing too much when the user is out running or doing any physical activity. One could also tuck it under the collar to hide it completely. The in-ear headphones have a built-in mic which is quite clear.

The ear pieces are magnetic. This is an important property which most wireless in-ear microphones possess these days because now you could safely hang the headphones around your neck with the earpieces then locking with each other.

One of the biggest talking points about the Urbanista Boston in-ear headphones is that it is very compact, meaning that it is made in a manner that makes it virtually sealed from most vulnerable places.

This gives it a waterproof property, something which Urbanista is very proud of and intends to market a lot. Talking about the cons, which are not many, but significant, there is an issue with connectivity.

This problem is present in all the models of the Urbanista Boston series. When the phone is held with an armband or kept in the breast pocket, there is not much of a problem and the music plays seamlessly, but when the phone or any other connected music device is kept a bit further away, like in the pant or trouser pockets, the problem is pretty evident.

When there is a movement of the phone or device like when the user walks with a brisk pace or runs, there is movement of the phone and there is a very high probability that the Urbanista Boston in-ear headphones might not be connected to the device properly and the music will play with cuts or a delayed transmission will cause mixing and hurrying of the sound, which is both frustrating and annoying.


Talking about performance, the Urbanista Boston series has a mixed review. When the music is played, the bass is quite strong and pumping with the right amount of vibrations to the sound, which comes off as a sweet combination.

Though this was expected since the company itself had promised that Urbanista Boston will be a bass heavy pair of in-ear headphones. The vocals are pretty good and hold themselves at a low and mid-range, but they begin to go haywire in the higher ranges.

This is not a very visible issue though and is only noticed by experienced ears, hence it can be ignored, considering the price range. Soundstaging is something which was a bit of a letdown.

There were huge promises that were made when the Urbanista Boston in-ear headphones were first released, but the headphones haven’t worked to their full potential when talking about soundstaging.

The built-in volume control feature is also disappointing as there is not much use of the volume rocker when the Urbanista Boston headphones were used by a runner. Most of them resorted to using the volume rockers in their phones. One of the most important things in these kinds of wireless headphones is to know when to charge them.

Urbanista Boston has clearly missed the trick here, it seems because there is absolutely no provision to know the battery status like there is in other devices like- a voice that tells the user when the battery is low and needs replacing or changing, depending upon the model, or a light that blinks when the battery is low.

So there is a possibility that the user might be left stranded with a dead battery in their Urbanista Boston in-ear headphones when he/she is just leaving to go out or is already on their way.


In conclusion, the Urbanista Boston in-ear headphones are a good option for in-ear headphones when considering the price. They are also a good option when taking into account the value for money factor.

It is an exciting product for someone who wants their earpiece to look different from others. It is very attractive with a very moderate price tag. But for real music enthusiasts, there are too many issues with the performance for it to be of any further interest, maybe except for songs that depend heavily on bass.

As already mentioned, there are many good things in the Urbanista Boston in-ear headphones like great looks, good fit, powerful bass and nice vocals.

But there are many problems in the headphones that can simply not be overlooked, given the fact that they cost 5000 INR. We have already mentioned some of these problems above, but we will now describe them in detail.

The Urbanista Boston headphones look very appealing, and they have nice, fitting earpieces, but the quality of the headphones themselves is not of the highest order.

In some headphones. there are a few manufacturing marks on the body and there are marks that look like scratches on some headphones.

The sound that they create is good, but when heard at carefully, the voice is not a hundred per cent clear and the vocals clearly tear up at higher frequency ranges.

There is not as much of distortion as a pair of in-ear headphones of fine quality would possess. Soundstaging is virtually absent, and sometimes when it is there, it sounds very artificial.

The battery housing port is very big and bulky, which is not something that is expected from a wireless set of headphones. Most of the wireless headphones have it made close to the built-in mic or the earpieces in some cases too.

While this is manageable by hiding under the collar, it should not be happening, considering the overall beauty of the set. But the biggest problem according to most of the people would be their low battery notification process, which is simply absent.

While most wireless headphones go for the voice notification to the user, telling them about the current battery status, or a blinking LED to signify dead batteries, Urbanista Boston has kept its users in suspense as to when the battery might get over.

We suggest that the user charge their headphones before leaving. Urbanista has claimed that the in-ear headphones work for six long hours before needing to be recharged, but this is probably the ideal time, recorded in more than ideal conditions.

In reality, it is considered to be around 4.5 hours or 5 hours in some extreme cases.

Overall, the Urbanista in-ear headphones have a very good look to it, and they are almost perfect for a user indulging in physical activity like jumping or running.

It is waterproof and has powerful bass. It has also got some good vocals in the lower and mid range.

But it also has quite a few cons that become a talking point and actually take the shine away from a potentially bedazzling product to the point where it actually feels more an opportunity gone begging, an opportunity to make a different set of in-ear headphones that look amazing, sound even more amazing while still being affordable.  

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