URBANEARS JAKAN: Experience Fuss-Free Listening


Urbanears is a Scandinavian brand known for its unique designs with the twin feature of- being stylish as well as functional.

Founded by Norra Norr and Zound Industries in 2009, Urbanears has been producing headphones along with headphone accessories. Urbanears is a collective motivated by a common interest in global relationships and shared involvement in the relevance of the living brand.

Urbanears produces with the motive to make their products accessible to anyone who is inclined to music rather than avail it to some specific subculture, age group, sex, religion, race or nationality.

From earphones that can hook-up to form a chain to washable headband and earpads; from a pop of vibrant colours to long-lasting battery life, Urbanears provide designs that are quirky.

Urbanears broke upon the scene with the aim of making audio devices that are so useful that they are not just a mere plastic accessory to listen to music but are almost like a second skin or decorative accessories!

Along with, the brand also focused on making these affordable so that good music doesn’t make you go bankrupt.

Urbanears Jakan is the company’s second attempt at wireless headphone with a neckband form factor Bluetooth headphones. In a first, the company had come up with Stadion, which was released a year before, which seemed functional if not good looking pair of Bluetooth headphones.

So, Jakan seems to be quite an improvement on this front, cutting the thick band springy, multicoloured cords for a more minimal design.

What is also interesting to see is that the “control knob” or the “joystick” is just a single button that lets the users playback, skip tracks, adjust volumes and answer calls. Urbanears Jakan is a shift from the three button control that we usually see on similar headphones.

With a long battery life of up to 12 hours of music playback, the earbuds could be magnetically clipped together around the neck to save on the effort of packing and unpacking. The availability of the Urbanears Jakan in seven colors gives it great aesthetics.



The Urbanear Jakan test reveals that the overall design isn’t bad at all. There are a number of attributes that make the headphones unique, including the shape of the earbuds, the range of colour schemes, the nylon string that keeps the earbuds intact in the ears.

The earbuds are made up of high quality and strong plastic that we don’t expect to break easily. The cable also is strong and handy, protected with braided nylon. So Urbanears Jakan is clearly pretty well built.

Unlike other in-ear headphones, these don’t have customizable earbud sizes. However, you can customize how much-braided nylon sticks out to keep the earbuds in place.

On the right side of the cable, one can find a single-button remote that has n number of features. One can press it for some function while it also works as a joystick for other functions which is not hard to learn. One disappointing aspect is the micro-USB port for charging, it’s time for companies to switch to USB-C.

In general, the Urban Jakan Test reviews it as well-designed and good looking headphones.


Colourful headphones make sense. Urbanears is well-known for beautiful and colourful headphones with good value. Jakan is no exception and is available in seven cool and eye-catching colours. The Urbanears Jakan gives you an opportunity to match your headphones to the shade of your mood or the aura of your shoelaces.

Here is a bunch to choose from

  • Charcoal Black
  • Ash Grey
  • Slate Blue
  • Mulberry Red
  • Field Green
  • Powder Pink
  • Almond Beige

Massive battery life

There is nothing worse than your headphones dying unexpectedly just as you are about to start on a long aeroplane journey or get stuck in metro rides.

You can say goodbye to the constant recharging with the Urbanears Jakan Wireless Bluetooth Headphones as your buddy.

With the battery life of up to 12 hours, which is pretty good, they can take on the longest train journey or keep you motivated throughout your workout session.

Though there is another spectacular option with great battery life — for example, the Jaybird Tarah Pro headphones offer 14 hours.

Fuss-free listening

When you are listening on-the-go, it is annoying having to take your smartphone out of your bag every time you want to playback, skip tracks or adjust volume.

With built-in volume and controls for easy navigation through your music gallery, you can leave the phone in your bag/ pocket. They are compatible with Siri, so you just need to ask whatever you feel like listening to.

The magnetic earbuds prevent the cords from getting entangled when they are not in use, so your time and efforts both get saved every time you use Jakan headphones.

Bluetooth Performance

The Urbanears Jakan headphones connect to the listening devices via Bluetooth 4.2. So according to Urbanears Jakan Bluetooth review, you will be able to get a listening range of 10 meters (up to 33 feet).

The Urbanears Jakan pairing with Bluetooth is found out to be good as it didn’t really experience too many skips or jumps. Also, the easiest and most useful spec is the price. In general, quality and performance are strongly related to the price tag.


Comfort is important. Any headphone will feel fine worn briefly, but when worn for long periods, may become uncomfortable.

Urbanears Jakan test reveals that the headphones are good at staying in the ears because of the larger earbud size. Even if there is some movement, we didn’t feel they would fall off easily.

The earpieces are big enough to pose a problem for the comfort level. You just might get sore ears with 15 minutes of listening.

The urbanears Jakan headphones are still relatively comfortable even though they may not have eartips that you can swap out.


The most important thing to consider while selecting a headphone is the headphone sound.

Distortion-free and with balanced bass and clean, warm-vocals uplift and enhance all the favourite playlists, audio shows, radio shows, podcasts and more.

But Urbanears Jakan doesn’t have a few things going for it, ultimately we didn’t really love the sound quality on offer.

Beginning with the bass, which is the most powerful frequency range of the Jakan headphones, bass guitars are heavy and thick while the kick drums really punch through music.

We would argue, based on the Urbanears Jakan test that the bass was a little too heavy, as it overpowers other aspects of the headphones. The midrange is where things start to go downhill. The low mids are there but they are a bit grubby.

On the other hand, the high mids seem to have been cut up to the point where guitars and vocals don’t cut through a mix at all. The highs are almost nonexistent which is the worst thing in the Urbanears Jakan Test. Even if everything else had been perfect, the unpleasant fit and the not so good sound quality has turned the asset off.

Urbanears Jakan Pairing

You can easily and very conveniently pair up your Urbanear Jakan Wireless Bluetooth device with the audio/sound source, by simply following the given steps:

  • Begin with your headphones turned off.
  • Press and hold the control knob until the LED blinks blue.
  • Open the Bluetooth menu on your sound source and select your device  Jakan (default name) from the list of available devices.

Urbanears Jakan Manual

The Urbanears Jakan Wireless Bluetooth headphones come along with a Urbanears Jaken Manual which has all the details about “How it all works”.

The Urbanears Jakan Manual lists all the options of the single control knob, battery information, LED indicators’ implications, how to adjust the fit of the earbud and finally instructions about how to pair with a Bluetooth sound source.

The content of the manual is given below:

A) Work the control knob

On/offPress and hold for three seconds
Play/pauseClick once
Next songPush to the right
Previous songPush to the left
Fast forwardsPush to the right and hold
RewindPush to the left and hold
Increase volumePush upwards
Decrease volumePush downwards
Handle callsClick once to answer or hang up
Double-click to reject an incoming call
Activate/stop Siri*Double-click

B) Charge the battery

When there is less than one hour of playtime left you will hear an alert tone and the LED will blink red. To order to charge, connect your headphones to a USB power source using the micro USB cable. Two 5 hours of charging gives almost 12+ hours of cord-free play time.

C) What the LED indicators mean

OffSwitched off or in normal operation
BlueBluetooth pairing mode
GreenFully Charged
RedLow battery

D) Adjust the fit of your earbuds

Jakan’s adjustable EarClick technology ensures a secure and comfortable fit. Gently push or pull the cord through each earbud until the desired fit is achieved.

Urbanears Jakan Highlights

Product PriceUSD 79
Product dimensions5.7 x 2.6 x 1.8 inches
Product weight18.9 grams
Has a rechargeable/removable battery?Yes/No
Built-in rechargeable battery
Battery life
Up to 12 hours of playback
Can be used wirelessly?Yes
Wireless Bluetooth 4.2 technology.
CableTangle-free, behind the neck cord.
EarbudsMagnetic earbuds with earbud form.
MicrophonesOne Integrated Mic for hands-free calls.
No noise cancelling microphone.
Built-in remote with a control knobYes


  • Large battery life
  • Wireless
  • Magnetic earbuds

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