OK, Its not the typical delivery service story.

We are reported that from the company, and Amazon to 7-Eleven, is manufacturing drones for the delivery system, All efforts are done to wipe out the middle man like delivery buoyant a cost related to it, but UPS, and it is one of the big and well service all over the world, is trying to testing a new drone delivery system for the people. Essentially, drone leave the UPS van and go to drop the parcel to that individual and return to its van which i already moved for someone else.

phpwojiqy UPS Test Its New Delivery Van That Carry Parcel With Carrying Drones
Image source: UPS van

The idea is like drone will deliver its parcels of people and return to its van for the next parcel and in that time like van will move for the next that will efficient and will reduce the time and cost. That process will surely double the profit and will make it service more better for the people. UPS estimated that if it can cut just one mile from the 66,000 routes it covers every day, the company will save surely $50 million annually.

ups florida footage 02 42 08 07 still113 UPS Test Its New Delivery Van That Carry Parcel With Carrying Drones
Image source: UPS Drone to deliver parcel

UPS designed its special diesel van for that new delivery system. All the driver has to do is that target that individual parcel and put it in the drone bucket and put the drone towards that individual, and launch it through the van’s retractable roof. The drone will automatically return to its driver which is moved towards other parcel delivery place.

The drone weight is under 10 pounds, that drone can fly for a 30 minutes in the sky. UPS will test this drone in a populated piece of land outside Tampa, Florida. It still need to FAA approval before a public rollout.

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