Google has released a new set of updates in Google+. It has included one previous feature while adding two more.

Reports call it a resurrection of the app, as it failed to attract users’ attention earlier.

Google+ is a social network that is activated on your Google Account, as well as improves it. Apparently, it seems like Facebook or Twitter; importing contacts and assigning them to circles — Google+’s version of lists. Later on you can add the curated circles for your cherished activities. The difference is that you do not have to add your family and friends in the contact lists. It rather gives you an option to befriend Android, Disney and others.


The search engine has announced that the Event feature will be brought back while the others are to be rolled out as brand new features at around 24th of January.

Additionally, the update includes zoom functionality to photos on Google+ web. This feature will help photographers who are keen in detailed description.

Another new feature is focused on conversations aspect. The Google will now hide lower quality comments on posts, displaying meaningful and purposeful comments only; however the lower quality comments can be read from “View more comments.”

Screenshot 18 2 Updated Google+ will have Event, Zoom and High Quality Comments


All the features will be launched for Google+ users on both Android and iOS devices, probably in two weeks time.

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