iPhone emojis are fun to use when you want to express yourself in texting Some chat apps like WhatsApp are also have a large number of emojis which make this app worth using. But Android smartphones do not have this fun feature, their emojis set does not match iPhone emojis and is the type of goofy-looking. But no need to get hurt because the best part is you can update Android emoji to this iPhone emojis set in your Android phone Like HTC and Samsung. And your phone emojis will be the same as iPhone.

Capture1 Update Your  Android Emoji To iOS Emoji Set
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You can update Android emoji without rooting your whole Android phone. Just you have to do following steps.

Step 1

First Open your Google Play Store from your device. Then search for FlipFont5 and download it. If you search more, you can find some other apps which also provide emojis but better. You can have them also if you want to modify to your phone more.

If in the case of copyrights issues, App may do not appear in google store.t such case, you can have it from the APK installer file. For this, you must enable “unknown sources” in your phone settings.

Step 2

Open the downloaded app and install it

Step 3

After the app is installed, navigate and open Font Settings menu on your device.

  • For HTC owners, go to Settings then Display and gestures
  • For Samsung owner, go to Settings then Display then Font.

Step 3

A new page is open on your phone. Find and select EmojiFont3 and tap on its radio button

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Increase Decrease size of emojis tickers Update Your  Android Emoji To iOS Emoji Set
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and then done. After that, your system would modify the previous emojis to new emojis. These emoji ma change your device font but you can make them like before from font setting if you want to.

For lower android versions like before 5 install FlipFont3. Emoji Fonts for FlipFont 5 is little different from the perfect replica of the iPhone emoji while the FlipFont 3 version is same as iOS emoji.