image 64 2 The upcoming samsung galaxy X going to defeat the apples iphone  X badly.

Samsung is ascending it game and we know it will beat apple at its own game come 2018.
Apple jumped two steps forward of samsung this year revealed the brand new iphone X.when samsung launched galaxy s8 and galaxy s8+ smartphones this year so iphone also launched iphone 8 and 8+ in market leave the iphone 9 n move directly toward iphone X in which the most unique feature was its crackless screen beside this the cell does have any other special feature to offer.
samsung galaxy x The upcoming samsung galaxy X going to defeat the apples iphone  X badly.

Now samsung is ready to make galaxy X which put iphone X to beat iphone X in all features. Get this it had already put out crackless smartphones in the market and also had a higher screen to body ration. As compared to this iphone X has 82.9% screen-to-body ratio while galaxy X has 84% screen-to-body galaxy won’t be competing with iphone X in features.Before now the foldable device had just been the concept that samsung never confirmed but turns out.the smartphone coming sooner. The aim of samsung is to take OLED screen.

Because of some exude reports by Forbes samsung has already making blutooth n radio registration ,steps companies take when cell is close to launching.some tittle tattle suggest that device has already been registered in south korea.
Now its mean there would b race between samsung n apple n it is quite clear the company will do anything to give out shine to the apple so lets see who will win the race.

here is the video iPhone X — Introducing iPhone X — Apple

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