Attention Pokemon Sun and Moon players! Ash Pikachu, the main character of the whole Pokemon series is coming your way very soon. With the release of the Pokemon Sun and Moon game, the Nintendo users treated themselves with the cartoon series based games. But now, it’s time to get the real taste of game. With the completion of 20 years of the series, the administration has decided to release the Ash Pikachu character which was highly in demand from the release date of the game.

pic 284 What new in the upcoming Pokemon Sun and Moon update? How to get Ashs hat for your Pikachu?

Book Your Tickets For The Upcoming Movie

It’s also a good opportunity for the pokemon trainers to learn the art of achieving unique code which actually contains the event Pokemon. The true lovers of the cartoon series and even the Nintendo 3DS based game will be surprised to know that the reports coming from the developers, IGN Entertainment claim that there is a special offer for those who will pre-order a ticket to “I Choose You,” which is actually an upcoming Japanese film that is due to be released in Japan on July 15th, will get an exclusive code to access the Pikachu. What’s special about this Pikachu? He’ll be wearing a hat from 6 of those used by Ash himself in his previous series. Now, it depends upon the date and time when someone pre-orders the ticket that which of the 6 hats of Ash will be on your Pikachu’s head.

pic 283 What new in the upcoming Pokemon Sun and Moon update? How to get Ashs hat for your Pikachu?

The Addictive Series

Believe it or not, this series was an addiction and now the game is offering such features which help us remember the old times when we all used to watch the anime regularly. To get the same taste back, you must get the tickets for the movie and also, enjoy the game on your Nintendo console.

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