Epic Games has been developing some really awesome titles in collaboration with Unreal Engine but was deprived of taking most of the profits out of it. Due to an agreement between the Unreal Engine and Epic Games, the most part of the profit was to go into the accounts of the Unreal Engine, but the scenario has changed now!

22490 27261 screen568x568 l According to a deal between Unreal Engine and Epic Games, the later will take the most percentage of the game production profits now

The previous division of profits was like 70/30 with Epic taking 30% of revenue from Unreal Engine usage, but have decreased this significantly down to 88/12, with Epic now taking just 12% of developers’ money.

Tim Sweeney, Epic Games founder and CEO explains:

Thanks to both the Marketplace’s growth and the success of Fortnite, Epic now conducts a huge volume of digital commerce. The resulting economies of scale enable us to pass the savings along to the Unreal Engine Marketplace community, while also making a healthy profit for Epic.

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