An Unreal Engine 4 titles aplenty in the Nintendo Switch according to the Epic Games representative. The announcement of Nintendo switch months back, pledged by Unreal Engine to support Nintendo’s upcoming new platform, “ with Nintendo, we are thrilled to be in partnership with them to help Unreal Engine 4 developers to bring their games to Nintendo Switch”, the official Unreal Engine Twitter tweeted back in October. According to Japanese territory manager of Epic games “Takayuki Kawasaki” this partnership of Nintendo will bring “lots” of the titles of Unreal Engine 4 to the Nintendo Switch including the recent confirmed Dragon Quest XI from the Square Enix. “it also comes out for Japan and the support of Unreal Engine for Switch with many titles being actually used for Switch”. Said by Kawasaki in a recent interview with the Japanese site (VR).

Dragon Quest X Cam Shot 01 Unreal Engine 4 is Giving Lots of Titles to Nintendo Switch Including Dragon Quest XI, Huge Step To Be Taken by Themvia:

Major Switch titles will be included in this but also new announced games. In the interview with Kawasaki who mentions that he hopes that the arrival of the Nintendo Switch device will definitely boost up the Japanese console business. Lately, for Nintendo Switch the graphical presets were found in the latest Unreal Engine 4 source code. console setting of the default switch console setting are said to be lower than the Unreal Engine 4 defaults used for Xbox One, PC and PS4.
Dragon Quest XI for the Nintendo Switch was recently confirmed and the new screenshots from the 3DS/PS4 versions raised up last week. Keeping aside from the Dragon Quest XI, Nintendo Switch exclusive, Season of heaven, said to be in use of Unreal Engine 4 technology.

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The Swtich will be released in the month of March this year and the Nintendo will be arranging a special Nintendo Switch event this month