A man from Alabama was nearly died due to sleeping with, near an iPhone. He was found electrocuted in his bed. The reason behind the scene is that he left his iPhone near him plugged in to charging, while sleeping last night.

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Wiley day ,32 years old Alabama man, fell asleep with his iPhone which was plugged in to charging. Some hour after felt asleep he perceive  some pain when he woke up he found himself in a threat. He smelled of burning flesh and detected some pain around his neck as some thing is burning his neck by tapping around it.

“I just thought that’s how you die,” he told local news station WAAY 31. “I kept yelling, ‘Jesus!'”

The man was hospitalized after the incident, reports from the doctors shows that he had suffered from 2nd and 3rd burns on his hand and around neck. The man would be no more alive if he did not managed to remove the charger bounded around his neck.

burn Unlucky Alabama   US Man Gets Electrocuted After Sleeping With His iPhone Charger

Smoke was all around in his room due to the burning of the extension, this would have burn the whole room if he did not perceive about the situation for few more time.

“He is lucky to be alive,” said Dr Benjamin Fail, who treated Wiley Day. Wiley spend three days in hospital. He said that he is now going to raise awareness to other people that they should not sleep along with their electronic devices left beside their bed. He said that he is now charging his iPhone in the kitchen.

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“Charge your phone away from you,” said by Wiley Day. “Charge it the next day. It’s not worth your life.”

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