The US check their social media accounts of the Chinese visitors:

After the new selective president of the US, the security policy will also change. The security of United State from the Inner side and also from the borders, United State check their social media accounts of the Chinese visitors whenever they Want to enter the country.

Electronic visa system:

The agency of the United State enters a proposal file to publish to changes in the Federal, The register is detailing for the electronic visa system which will be used for the visitors. This proposal file is about to Changes in Federal Register detailing for the electronic visa system the main aim of this proposal is to calls homeland Department security to add some additional question for the visitors on the basis of EVUS (Electronic Visa Update System).

These questions are about to social media detail of the visitors, the questions are pleased giving the detail and information about your online detail of social media there will also be some others question may ask because the Questions are optional But this strategy will help to those visitors who apply for visa to United State, This proposal will also make more effects on round about 3.6 million peoples which are applicants.

us customs social media United State checks their social media accounts of the Chinese visitors whenever they Want to enter the country
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Electronic Visa Update System:

This Electronic Visa Update System is used by the Chinese this system to support the visitor limits are 10-year B1/B2, B1 or B2. This system will share the information of the biographic information of Chinese whose travel to United State, This system will provide help to visitors and also help to united state government.

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This action is not happening against the Chinese visitors in June 2016 CBP was looked social media profile of those Chinese who travels from china to united State. The other reason to proposed this system for visa waiver program for Chinese visitors. This system is also applicable for Canadian and also for the European visitors. This system will be put on this year. The publish date of proposal date Is 21st February 2017.