Now for the first time launching and available in market Asus Crosshair VI motherboard for AMD’s upcoming Ryzen has been released. This is one of the most powerful motherboard that Asus will be like available from day first of Ryzen’s launch.

asus rog crosshair vi hero am4 amd ryzen motherboard unboxing 800x423 Unboxed AMD Ryzen Asus Crosshair VI Hero Motherboard
Image source: AMD Ryzen

The Crosshair VI Hero feature a monochromatic colour scheme to match with any other colour scheme makers are trying for it. Exclusive Power is provided by an ROG exclusive high quality 8 plus 4 phase digital VRM design. We can see a beefy 12 phase Digi+ PWM design. when talk about the storage, the motherboard comes with 8 SATA 6 Gb/s ports and a single M.2 slot. 

Features of ASUS AM4 X370 Crosshair VI Hero:

  • Isolated DAC & AMP 8-channel audio design with feature of latest S1220A Codec, ROG outstanding SupremeFX audio.
  • M.2 SSD slot.
  • 8 USB 3.1 Ports (rear I/O).
  • 4 USB 2 Ports (rear I/O).
  • Front USB 3.1 header.
  • 8 SATA 3 6Gb/s.
  • 2 LED headers with Customisable RGB Lighting
  • 2 way SLI and 3 way CrossFire
  • Auto and manual overclocking speed support
  • Built-in AC Wi-Fi.

AMD Ryzen, Overclocking & Chipsets

  • All Ryzen CPUs is a multiplier unlocked and ready for overclocking out from the box. There is no locked Ryzen CPUs.
  • AMD’s X370, X300 and mid-range B350 chipsets support overclocking. Only AM4’s entry-level A320 and A300 chipsets need this feature. AMD describe that this is because A320 and A300 chipsets are manufactured to get into the entry-level motherboards that would surely not suitable for overclocking due to parts and cost limitations.
  • Ryzen CPUs is going to come in different arrangements with compared to core counts. The highest core count parts will have eight cores and support sixteen threads.
  • Risen is going to launch closer to the mid of Q1 or early Q1 rather than the end of Q1. AMD may not come up with a specific date but sometime in February is a good bet.
  • AM4 compatible aftermarket air and liquid cooling solutions will be available on day one.
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