UK’s government was probably the first one to take up the loot boxes issue to the parliament for forming proper rules and regulations about it. Now, we have got to hear something more from the same place but this time, it’s not that encouraging. UK government’s independent charity Gamble Aware and The Gambling Commission have altogether changed the topic under discussion.

UK Gambling Commission lg The UKs government shifts the loot box conversation to a new chapter

The Conversation Shift

We were in pursuit of the government for speaking something regarding the definition of what loot boxes are to Harm Minimalisation. The Gambling Commission, however, is more worried about how to tackle this situation. Tim Miller, Executive director of the UK Gambling Commission spoke about the issue while talking to Eurogamer and said that:

It really doesn’t matter whether something meets some legal definition of gambling or not. The concern that parents have, and indeed others would have, is whether there’s a product out there that’s potentially posing a risk to children and young people. Our powers extend to issues that are about gambling so the starting point is that test. What is really important is we see these sort of issues, where there are risks to children, not purely as a gambling issue, not even purely as a computer game issue, but as an issue of child protection.

Miller seemed helpless in terms of the jurisdiction of The Gambling Commission and said:

The best way to keep children safe, and protect them, is for everyone with an interest, everyone with a product which might be accessible or marketed to children, to recognize their role in that. Actually, if all of us, whatever sector we work in, whether we’re a regulator, a company, a casino, whatever we are, if we can actually all work together with the shared goal to try and keep children protected then we will have greater success in making things safer for children.

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