The China based company Huawei and the US company UWired Planet are on the court case. Unwired Planet has the patent rights from the Ericsson and now the company faced loss and it is expected the company have to pay for its sales in the UK.

According to the report, the Court has been announced that, Huawei is liable to pay for the royalty of its each smartphone to the US manufacturer for its smartphones all over the globe.

huawei smartphone sales ban uk UK court decision: Huawei has to pay patent royalty against UWired Planet, otherwise sales will ban in the UK

However, the Huawei the world third largest smartphone maker company have the market worth all over the world. The Company sales of smartphone will not have any affect on the royalty demanded by the UK court. Since the company claimed that the UK court have no right to ban the sales internationally, so the requested by the Huawei is filed, so the case is still open, let’s see what will be the final decision from the UK court.

Moreover, it is reported that Huawei on average sold out 100 million smartphones every year and the court claimed to pay 0.032 and 0.064 percent of a smartphone’s selling price to show its royalty for the UWired Planet.

The company stated that the company operate a sale will notaffect in the US, UK and other regions. The Company is seeking a more suitable decision and have to pay the royalty after filling the request.

Samsung, Apple, Google, and BlackBerry are the one of the smartphone makers that faced the violation of the patents and court settle down the cases. What do you think about the Huawei smartphone, share your thinking with us by leaving the comments in the comments section given below!

A couple of days ago from the official release Mate 10 variants specifications leaked out