Since Horizon: Zero Dawn’s Ex Senior Producer Samrat Sharma joined the Ubisoft’s development studio at Toronto, there is something mysterious going on at the backend. For most of the analysts, its the unannounced new IP, that was teased by the company a while back.

The new IP was in the discussion for more than a year and a tentative release date for the Fiscal Year 2019 was on the roll since then. All this added with Sharma’s work on an upcoming project clearly shows an upcoming new IP or one of the new AAA games by Ubisoft.

%name Ubisoft might be working on its upcoming IP   The clues all go in the favor of this new venture

Ubisoft is now lead by a key player who has worked on one of the best open-world games of this generation. This surely calls for something that is bigger than just the routine releases. According to Ubisoft’s Fiscal Q3’18 report:

23 million units expected for 4 AAA releases (versus 28 million units as previously announced) to factor in the arrival of The Crew 2 and the postponement of an unannounced franchise to beyond the fiscal year, as well as a lower exposure to new releases thanks to a strong increase of the back-catalogue, expected to represent more than 45% of total sales.

Under all these circumstances, it isn’t difficult to get an idea of what is going to happen as the French games-maker has the convention of developing games in IPs it wholly owns!

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