In San Francisco short lived experiments by Uber with self driving cars isn’t the only thing that is possess a threat for the users. The application recently invited the controversy after the change in how its location tracking works. The previous update, user of the app can use to choose two location tracking option. “When using the app” and Never”.

unnamed Uber is Still Tracking User`s Location Even When the Application is not Working, Why? What`s the ReasonVia:

After having the update users of the app noticed that latter was replaced with the word “Always” lead users of Uber to fear of overstepping with collecting the data of the location even while the application is not in use. Disputing Uber`s in any of the bad intentions.

Company website states that the application only uses the data location of the users “ considering the app in the background, time of the trip requested through five minutes of the end of the trip.” the company named as ride-hailing said that five minute after the tracking of the trip is done “to better pickups, customer service, enhance safety and drop-offs”. Normally users of Uber are saying about what they felt is unnecessary tracking. Rather than that the app only tracked location for five minutes or so after the ride they have taken, some of the user’s reviewed that the application is still tracking their location taking more of their time, running in the back end. After the investigation done on it.

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uber stock 1040.0.0 Uber is Still Tracking User`s Location Even When the Application is not Working, Why? What`s the ReasonVia:

An Uber user said to TechCrunch that the problem is with iOS and the extensions of the Maps that were added in September. In simple words greater integrations being added by the extensions on Apple Maps and let the users call an Uber car from the app.

“The people who choose to combine iOS Maps with ride sharing apps, data location must be shared in order for the user to request the ride inside the Maps app” told to TechCrunch by an Uber spokesperson “ extensions of the map are disabled by default and one can or may choose to turn them on in your iOS settings”. Though other ride sharing apps and Uber apps like Lyft have their extension be disabled by default, it can easily be turned off if you are worried about any other potential location-tracking abuse